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“You become what you think about”
Earl Nightingale
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“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”
Jeff Bezos
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“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”
Maya Angelou
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"If you are positive, you will see opportunities instead of obstacles."
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Daphney Antoine

Hi, I'm Daphney

For over 20 years, I have worked predominantly in the media industry, deeply involved in fashion editorials, fashion shows, live television, celebrity on-screen appearances, commercials, advertising, and talent development in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. As an international freelance artist, my skills and expertise include Styling, Make-up Artistry, Hair (as a licensed Cosmetologist), and Photography. Additionally, I have served as a Platform Artist and worked with make-up teams for brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, Armani, Shiseido & L’Oreal, to name a few.

Past Clients

My client-focused business model and conceptual thinking led me to pursue my Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counseling.

There are many similarities between the backstage of the fashion world and the center stage of life. The decades I’ve spent working in the fashion industry and the many years working with image branding clients allowed me this special opportunity to identify a unique need in the sector of self-image. I recognized this dire need for a mind, body, and consciousness approach to support a person’s self-image. An approach that engages and supports the personal, professional, and corporate self-image uniquely and compellingly.

Understanding the value of a good self-image gave me the drive I needed to complete my Ph.D. in Metaphysical Philosophy, specializing in Holistic Life Counseling. This unwavering passion is an insisting desire to help my clients see and experience their magnificence. Ultimately, I leveraged my vast professional experience as an international freelance artist and my Metaphysical education to assist my clients in achieving and experiencing their empowering self-image.

My mission is to support you as you master your magnificence.

daphney antoine holistic image consultant

Who Stands to Benefit from Our Services?

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A well-developed self-image helps boost your confidence, and self-esteem and promotes your success personally and professionally.

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A successful professional image will set you apart and may be the key to opening many doors and opportunities.

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A cohesive and clearly defined corporate image is often successful because it allows key personnel to communicate the corporate brand to their employees, clients, industry, and marketplace.

Get the Holistic Self-image
Help You Deserve

The Secret is - your beliefs create your reality. As a holistic self-image innovator and Master Numerologist, I value your inner and outer beauty. My explicit aim is to support you in developing and experiencing your magnificence.

I will assist you in believing in yourself and your dreams. We will work together to develop, strengthen and empower your self-image. The aim is to highlight all your positive attributes and qualities so you can see the value in who you are as a confident and self-assured individual. I believe in your potential to yield exceptional results as you align with your mastery within to find your unique magnificence self.

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Self-Image Branding

A positive self-image is invaluable. The way you show up with yourself is how people will treat you. Show up - confident, self-assured and empowered.

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Men's Holistic Self-Image

The way you present and represent yourself is your own unique brand. Make it memorable.

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Relationship Training

The relationship between you and you is vital. Master your relationships, from in-depth self-examination to understanding your point of attraction.

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Your Life's Cycle

A numeric life cycle examination aids in identifying your past patterns to recognize the present and potential future manifestations.

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Mindset Development

Unleash the power of your mind. Positive mind training is a progressive process because it helps you master your mind.

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Hypnotherapy Etheric Realm

Access your inner realm for guidance and clarity.

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    Daphney Antoine

    Impress your subconscious with your conviction to succeed.

    Did you know?

    Daphney is a self-image innovator, Master Numerologist, and an international freelance artist working across multiple facets of media: print, fashion editorial, television, online videos, and fashion runway shows.

    She specializes in male grooming and is a highly qualified image consultant for Personal, Professional, and Corporate clients.

    Daphney is also a published author with many articles and books to her credit.

    Published books are available on Amazon


    +1 (561) 344-3378