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Your image
is your brand

Define who you are with an
impactful and personalized image.

  • Your Image Is Your Brand

    Define who you are with an impactful personalized image.

  • Your Image Is Your Brand

    Define who you are with an impactful personalized image.

  • Your Image Is Your Brand

    Define who you are with an impactful personalized image.

    Personal - Professional - Corporate Image consultant


    Your personal image is a vital communication tool. Personal Image Consulting services help you define and create your personal message. A well-planned image helps boost your confidence, self-esteem, and promote your success personally and professionally.


    A successful professional image will set you apart and may be the key to opening many doors and opportunities. Professional Image Consulting focuses on your specific industry. We aim to create a purposeful image that will best compliment you professionally within the industry on a local or international level.


    Corporate imaging aligns the image of key personnel with the corporate brand, providing a cohesive message in their industry or marketplace. Whether working locally or internationally without exception, a well thought out, produced, and delivered corporate image always yields exceptional results for the brand. Corporate imaging services available for personal profiles, corporate brochures & annual reports, videos, social media, and press.

    Hi, I’m Daphney

    From the moment the Latin word “imago” was coined, revolutionary changes have occurred over time in the entertainment industry, self-image has remained the key to unlocking true potential. I am a firm believer in the power of a well-constructed and thought-out image. It is up to us to let others know who we are and to show ourselves who we aim to be.

    In the past 20 years, my professional experiences span from working as an International Freelance Artist in the fields of Styling, Make-up Artistry, Hair (as a licensed Cosmetologist), and Photography. Likewise, I served as a Platform Artist and worked with makeup teams for brands like Laura Mercier, Armani, Shiseido & L'Oreal to name a few. To say the least, I have worked in many areas of the media industry such as fashion editorials, fashion shows, live television, celebrity on-screen appearances, commercials, advertising, and talent development in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

    In my role as the Director of Style & Make-up for the Pan-American Sports Network, I established the on-air image of our presenters and developed the image of our new and upcoming on-air talents. I also wrote a styling framework book for our on-location talents to help the presenters maintain the image standard of the network while on-location.

    Leveraging my vast personal and professional imaging experience as an international freelance artist, I established a program for my image consulting and coaching services dedicated to helping clients develop their own unique image. My consulting and coaching services are centered around a Mind, Body, and Spirit approach to developing a personal or professional image. By stepping out from the backstage of the fashion world to work with individuals has yielded many elevated successes for my clients both personally and professionally.

    While my life and career experiences in the fashion sector have taught me the value of building long-lasting relationships, I have found inner satisfaction in developing, implementing, and delivering an effective and successful personalized image for my clients. As an Image Consultant and Coach, my greatest achievement is to help you achieve your dreams and ultimate life goals.

    It is time to present and represent your imagined self. Your image is your power!

    Past clients and Projects


    One Stop
    Solution for Image Consulting

    Style - Hair - Makeup - Photography

    I’m proud of the company I keep, my talented team of professional image experts are ready to help you achieve the very best impactful visual image. ​

    Working together gives you access to some of the most talented individuals in the imaging industry. Due to my in-depth knowledge and experience in print and media, you will benefit from what most of clients refer to as a “Powerhouse - one stop shop!” Services: Styling – Hair - Makeup – Photography – TV & Video.​

    How Do We Start Our Work Together?​

    Consultation & Evaluation​

    We define your goals, your purpose, and the message you want to deliver. (Consultation may be in person or video conferencing).​

    Proposal of Services

    We will provide you with an in-depth proposal that will outline the required steps to achieve your desired results, timeline and budget.​

    Proposed Steps May Include:​

    Personal/Professional: grooming, wardrobe selection, hair & makeup

    Staging: location, setup and backdrop for video shoots / photograph

    Industry specific presentation

    Pricing Options​

    This will include the varying price points for the proposed project depending on the level of production and post-production services.​

    Timeline Estimate

    This will outline the proposed timeline for the project.​

    Request for Consultation

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      About Daphney

      International freelance artist and image consultant working across multiple facets of media: print, fashion editorial, television, online videos, and fashion runway shows. Specializing in male grooming.

      Highly qualified image consultant for Personal, Professional, and Corporate.


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      Navigating through COVID-19

      I am consciously committed to caring for the health and well-being of my clients, business partners, and affiliates. As your image coach and consultant, I’m playing a constructive and pro-active role in supporting my local health officials and government leaders for the sake of everyone's well-being. Please read and follow the latest decisions being made by your local governments, and local companies for the actions being taken as we Navigate through COVID-19.